CERUMENTRIC aka Erick A. Fabian Sr.

June 12, 2007


I have been very busy with my new electropop project, CERUMENTRIC. Go visit the MySpace profile for music and free downloads. CERUMENTRIC

When Zines Become Your Life

August 15, 2006


I’ve put my zinework to a momentary halt due to my decision to take on a job as a web design/graphic media consultant for De La Salle Professional Schools. It has been quite a jump, careerwise, as I am once more adjusting to the pile of workload put upon me in an office environment. I […]

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Rock (Star) In A Hard Place, part 1

August 8, 2006


Issues of race, good taste and media manipulation in Rockstar: Supernova Manufactured rock music? Some critics display their disdain over the current ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ series by tagging it as such, among so many ways of taking potshots at what is obviously a flawed but otherwise watch-able show. Surprisingly enough, my wife has been following the […]

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Red Eyes After Rending

July 17, 2006


all such pressing concern buried in the hate and anger so i will beg again you are giving me several chances even if i err i am formed by your pity and the strength of your head so hold me together my eyes are red the water and salt remain get me across i hold […]

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