Fight or Flight – or Why I Hate Being Too Nice To A Fault

Posted on February 19, 2015



[Please understand the context: I live in the Philippines where the gap between the rich and poor is very wide. There are families who live in isolated, guarded subdivisions all over Manila who are as rich as Donald Trump (or even richer), and the poorest live in shanties in polluted rivers, or squatted land in the outskirts of the metropolis. My family are somewhere between white collar and blue collar — we can afford a few luxuries like eating out in nice restaurants once a month, and we can travel abroad if we save up a month’s worth of pay, but we have yet to afford a house or a car. We’re renting at the moment until we can find better sources of income. Labor policies are not enforced well in this country, and the government and big business in Manila is run by several families who were mostly descendants…

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