Musicians Should Learn To Laugh At Themselves For Having Crappy Influences

Posted on October 23, 2015



One time, I left my music player’s speakers on low while I was dozing off. I heard this one electropop-style song there and wondered, “What kind of shitty band is that and why is that shitty song on my playlist?” Turns out it was one of my old songs. I don’t remember which one, though.

Moral of the story: Musicians should learn to laugh at themselves and make fun of their own work from time to time. A good sense of self-deprecating humour keeps inflated egos in check. I am not special, I am not that good, I can only play chords with my left hand on the piano, but I’m just artistically stubborn. That’s how I keep making music over the years even if very few people listen to it, or even when I think it’s not that good.

The other day, I was reading this Noisey article called…

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